Around The World in Five Hours

Around The World in Five Hours

The University of Miami recently celebrated the inauguration of their new president by taking him around the world. Ok – not really, but we WERE able to design an event to make it feel like that. The theme title was “Charting the Course to Our New Century.”

As guests arrived, music provided by the University of Miami set the mood for their grand entrance across the bridge from the Watsco Center where the Inauguration Ceremony took place, all the way to the Student Center Complex Lakeside Patio.

In front of them, guests found a spectacularly decorated space with four large structures complete with custom swag ceiling treatment in blue, yellow, black, green and red inspired by the unifying colors of the Olympic Games.  Large drum chandeliers accented each of these four areas where custom food stations were designed by continent.  A large central structure and wrap around bar for beverage service was created as focal point of the entire event with a mix of coordinating drum style chandeliers hanging from the center of the structure.  Interior style high tops were placed throughout the space to bring continuity to the design accented with “Course Charting” inspired centerpieces. Some of the bar tops even had custom world map decals on them to really tie in the theme.

Stations were divided into Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Asia consisted of hanging red lanterns, pho dogs, pergolas, lanterns, florals, bamboo mats and plants.

Design - Around the World  Design - Around the world

Design - Around the world Design - Around the world Design - Around the world Design - Around the world

Africa was uniquely designed with masks and up-lit foliage. Proteas, sand, grass and palms were used to accent the buffet and animal print fabrics were woven into the station design between food elements.

Design - Around the world Design - Around the world

Design - Around the world Design - Around the world Design - Around the world Design - Around the world

A European market was designed with wood planks, slates, buckets, barrels and abundant baskets of flowers. Iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben were knit discretely into the design to drive the theme home.

Design - Around the world Design - Around the world Design - Around the worldDesign - Around the world

The America’s station was inspired by the menu selected. A custom built ‘South American Ruins’ backdrop was designed to fit the theme and interior style details accented the buffet to complement food service.

Design - Around The World Design - Around The World Design - Around The World Design - Around The World

Into our design? See how we transformed this wedding into a Disney inspired fantasy land.

Watermelon Radish Slaw with Coriander Cured Pastrami

Watermelon Radish Slaw with Coriander Cured Pastrami

We all know summer is all about the watermelon – but how many different ways can you really make it different? We’re adding one more preparation to your repertoire in the form of pickled watermelon radish slaw. We sat down with Executive Chef Elgin Woodman to see her thought process behind one of her mini plates – Coriander Cured Tuna Pastrami with Pickled Watermelon Radish Slaw and Avocado Puree.


This recipe is really an infusion of three diverse cultural flavors. The Watermelon radish slaw involves a pickling process inspired by Asian food culture. The rub used on the cured Tuna is composed of special Mediterranean spices for a slight “kick”. Finally, the Avocado Cream sauce adds a signature Latin layer of culture. The resulting dish is a blend of freshness and flavor profiles representing the diversity of the region.  Additionally, this dish has a multitude of ways to be presented above and beyond just a mini plate. Appetizers, antipasto stations, small plate courses, salads and so many more food styles could benefit from this fresh dish. As an added benefit, this is a wonderful way to add proteins to antipasto stations where red meats and pork are not an option.


Nothing beats having top quality components to savor during an event, and this creation made sure to deliver. This is a critical component to the Home Cured Tuna with Watermelon Radish Slaw. The production of it begins with buying the freshest tuna and curing it two days prior to your event. When the tuna is finished curing, our culinary team cleans the rub and re-wraps it for event delivery. The tuna remains uncut until just before service to maintain freshness and color. The slaw and avocado cream are also prepped and mixed onsite to ensure a crisp slaw and green avocado in every bite.

Watermelon Radish Slaw - Tuna

Watermelon Radish Slaw - Tuna

Watermelon Radish Slaw


What are you waiting for?! Go get in the kitchen!

Still not convinced? Maybe poolside cocktails are more your style.

Cocktails You Should Be Sipping Poolside This Summer

Cocktails You Should Be Sipping Poolside This Summer

Round up some friends, snacks and cocktails because it’s time to party!  We’ve got the cocktails you should be sipping poolside this summer!

Craft cocktails are here to stay, and have become a must-have for catering creatives (like us!), restaurants and noteworthy bars around the world.  Store-bought mixers are a thing of the past, and as a team that loves a great cocktail, we couldn’t be happier!  Fresh ingredients aren’t just for food, and there’s something to be said for mixing them with quality spirits.  Not only can you taste the difference, but your overall drink experience is improved by a little extra TLC.  (Bonus points for pretty garnishes – your future Instagram story thanks you!)

With sunny weather and pool parties beckoning, we have three great cocktails you should be sipping poolside this summer.  Put down the rosé and keep reading!

So Berry Courvoisier:

Summer = strawberry picking season!  Try it by blending Cognac, Strawberry liqueur, Triple Sec, and lime juice. Shake and strain over ice into a rocks glass, then top with a splash of club soda.

Poolside Cocktails - So Berry Courvoisier

The Sunsplash:

Capture the sun in a glass with this bright cocktail highlighting peaches and mangoes! Try it by blending Gin, Grand Marnier, a squeeze of lime and fresh peach and mango juices. Shake and pour into a rocks glass, then garnish with a peach slice.

Poolside Cocktails - The Sunsplash

The Porch Swing:

It wouldn’t be a summer cocktail roundup without sweet tea!  Add a twist to the classic Arnold Palmer by blending Southern Style sweet tea, mint lemonade and your favorite bourbon. Serve over ice in a tall glass, pint glass or mason jar.

Poolside Cocktails - Porch Swing

The variety of exceptional summer fruits are waiting for your next cocktail creation, and the possibilities are endless.  BTW: planning a pool party? You might want to take a look at our outdoor party planning tips to host like a pro!

Eight Outdoor Party Planning Tips to Make You Look Like A Pro

Eight Outdoor Party Planning Tips to Make You Look Like A Pro

Start the party right! It’s summertime and we’re all about the beach, the pool and the parties. The weather is finally nice enough to be outside and you can execute all those cute ideas you’ve been saving on Pinterest!  To help, we’ve put together eight outdoor party planning tips to make you look like a pro at your next celebration!

Have plenty of water options available. From weddings to casual social gatherings, flavored water stations (personalized water bottles!) on ice for guests to help themselves are always good options to have.  Try infusions like Cucumber, Strawberry or Pineapple!

Water Station

The right ice makes a difference in your favorite cocktails.  Try oversized square ice cubes which melt more slowly, keeping your drink cool and flavorful.  Bonus – flavor the ice cubes with fruit infusions!  Our catering team is known for our Passionfruit popsicles with mint and basil for our cocktails!

Party - Big Ice Cibes

Guests would rather not be hot and sweaty while dressing up for a fun party night.  Consider hosting your celebration oceanside or poolside and keeping the dress code casual.  Take advantage of your location, have your guests come in Hawaiian shirts or Cuban guayaberas.

Consider a greeting drink upon arrival for your guests while they are waiting for the ceremony to start. No one wants to sweat AND be without cocktail, am I right?

When it comes to seating, a linen-less table makes a beautiful accent to summer parties.  But there are options for fabric-lovers too!  Spandex linens will help keep tables from looking like they’re about to blow away.  As the printed linen trend continues to evolve, there are tons of beautiful spandex options available.  Spandex just not your thing?  Try a floor length heavy linen, such as burlap and canvas, and stray from polycotton and natural linens which tend to be lighter.  With plenty of color options, patterns and finishes, you can dress your party tables stylishly!

Nobody likes a party crasher – especially the bug kind.  Keep the bugs away without ruining your décor!  Use citronella candles or tiki torches to ward off unwanted pests.

As event pros – take our advice and order the tent for a daytime party (we love these!).  It will make a world of difference when it cools off your event by 10-15 degrees, money well spent for sun protection and happy guests.  If one large tent isn’t the right style for your party, consider beautiful patio umbrellas in bright colors with seating!

Are you open to a bit of industrial style at your party? Misting fans or port-a-cools around your event will make you and your guests much happier campers!

Looking to go to a party instead of hosting your own? Join us for Sangria Summer!

Food & Fete: Lighten Up that Plate!

Food & Fete: Lighten Up that Plate!

Sorry New Yorkers, but the Floridians are well into sunshine season!  As Spring turns to the unavoidable heat of Summer, it seems everyone is looking to lighten up, eat healthy and get beach ready.

So today we’re talking fresh greens and how to incorporate them into your next party menu.  Arugula, Mesclun, Butter, Bibb, Romaine, Oak Leaf – – the varieties that lettuce has taken has grown to incredible amounts!  In our food world, we turn the average salad into a Hydroponic Wall of Greens Station with plenty of curb appeal.

Imagine each piece and leaf freshly clipped to your liking right in front of your guests. Pair that with sustainable toppings and seasonal fish, and you’ve got a filling creation to please the palate without a lot of “heaviness” on your plate….or scale. 🙂

Check out our Spring & Summer Hydroponic Greens Station ideas using seasonal fish and toppings.

Spring | Olive Crusted Florida Sturgeon

Served with Asparagus and Endive Tartlet

Topped with a Fried Egg

Hydroponic Greens with Choice Toppings:

· Peas

· Radishes

· Golden Beets

· Tomatoes

· Goat Cheese

Summer | Fluke

With a Sweet & Sour Eggplant Escabeche

Served with Patatas Bravas

Hydroponic Greens with Choice Toppings:

· Watermelon

· Mango

· Tomatoes

· Corn

· Cabrales Cheese

· Spiced Almonds


It’s innovative, healthy (a great source of Vitamin A & Potassium!) and a great way to lighten up your event by planning a “stations” dinner party.  Check out photos below!