Food & Fete: Lighten Up that Plate!

Food & Fete: Lighten Up that Plate!

Sorry New Yorkers, but the Floridians are well into sunshine season!  As Spring turns to the unavoidable heat of Summer, it seems everyone is looking to lighten up, eat healthy and get beach ready.

So today we’re talking fresh greens and how to incorporate them into your next party menu.  Arugula, Mesclun, Butter, Bibb, Romaine, Oak Leaf – – the varieties that lettuce has taken has grown to incredible amounts!  In our food world, we turn the average salad into a Hydroponic Wall of Greens Station with plenty of curb appeal.

Imagine each piece and leaf freshly clipped to your liking right in front of your guests. Pair that with sustainable toppings and seasonal fish, and you’ve got a filling creation to please the palate without a lot of “heaviness” on your plate….or scale. 🙂

Check out our Spring & Summer Hydroponic Greens Station ideas using seasonal fish and toppings.

Spring | Olive Crusted Florida Sturgeon

Served with Asparagus and Endive Tartlet

Topped with a Fried Egg

Hydroponic Greens with Choice Toppings:

· Peas

· Radishes

· Golden Beets

· Tomatoes

· Goat Cheese

Summer | Fluke

With a Sweet & Sour Eggplant Escabeche

Served with Patatas Bravas

Hydroponic Greens with Choice Toppings:

· Watermelon

· Mango

· Tomatoes

· Corn

· Cabrales Cheese

· Spiced Almonds


It’s innovative, healthy (a great source of Vitamin A & Potassium!) and a great way to lighten up your event by planning a “stations” dinner party.  Check out photos below!