Style and Events In The Summer – How To Create A Gossip Worthy Party!

Style and Events In The Summer – How To Create A Gossip Worthy Party!

Pineapples + Palm Fronds + Pink Flamingos…

What do these have in common? They make perfect accents for a summer party worth talking about!

We sat down with Jessica Zeidler Rojas & Ashley Deoleo from our fab Design Team, to give you a sneak peek into our summer event style.  Bonus: we’ve got an inspiration board and photos from a recent summer event, to inspire your next party!


  • Unicorn Swirls – The world has caught Miami-fever, and we’re loving it.  Bright pastels and neon colors have really taken off this summer!  Tablescapes, food, flowers and design elements have all pulled from the neon fashion trend.  Need more evidence?  Raise your hand if you’ve fallen victim to the unicorn craze (it’s ok, our hands are up too).  Fuchsia and purple add a dose of warmth to your summer style palette, and transition well from day to night.
  • Greenery – green hues are known for giving freshness to your design.  This makes it easy to incorporate using beautiful plants and floral centerpieces with exposed stems.  Add a few tall and gorgeous greens in beautiful planters to accent your next event. Not only will they provide eye-catching perimeter décor, but they serve as great room dividers and additional shade for lounge areas.
  • Mood: Sunny – yellow is always a strong summer hue, thanks to the sun! Add a bright pop of color in your linens and flowers using yellow tones.  For food, try incorporating dishes that use mango, passionfruit and lemons!


For easy accents to your tables, pick flowers that hold up well to the summer heat!  Think proteas, callas, succulents, tropical leaves and orchids – they’ll all hold up perfectly in a gorgeous vase.  For a pop, add lemons or mix in pineapples to brighten the look.


Since we’re talking summer – we hope you’ll be spending plenty of time near a pool because it is HOT!  As a fun and interactive décor add-on for your next summer event, beach balls and pool inflatables are back and better for this summer’s event style.  Flamingos, donuts, lemon slices, unicorns and even pizza have made the cut – they’re a huge hit!


When designing your event theme, be bold for summer!  Color blocking is back, and by pairing your bold color selections with a few key neutrals, you’ll be able to create a cohesive theme throughout.  Check out our summer party inspiration board and real event photos below!

Summer Event Style - Collage

Summer Event Style

Summer Event Style

Summer Event Style

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Eight Outdoor Party Planning Tips to Make You Look Like A Pro

Eight Outdoor Party Planning Tips to Make You Look Like A Pro

Start the party right! It’s summertime and we’re all about the beach, the pool and the parties. The weather is finally nice enough to be outside and you can execute all those cute ideas you’ve been saving on Pinterest!  To help, we’ve put together eight outdoor party planning tips to make you look like a pro at your next celebration!

Have plenty of water options available. From weddings to casual social gatherings, flavored water stations (personalized water bottles!) on ice for guests to help themselves are always good options to have.  Try infusions like Cucumber, Strawberry or Pineapple!

Water Station

The right ice makes a difference in your favorite cocktails.  Try oversized square ice cubes which melt more slowly, keeping your drink cool and flavorful.  Bonus – flavor the ice cubes with fruit infusions!  Our catering team is known for our Passionfruit popsicles with mint and basil for our cocktails!

Party - Big Ice Cibes

Guests would rather not be hot and sweaty while dressing up for a fun party night.  Consider hosting your celebration oceanside or poolside and keeping the dress code casual.  Take advantage of your location, have your guests come in Hawaiian shirts or Cuban guayaberas.

Consider a greeting drink upon arrival for your guests while they are waiting for the ceremony to start. No one wants to sweat AND be without cocktail, am I right?

When it comes to seating, a linen-less table makes a beautiful accent to summer parties.  But there are options for fabric-lovers too!  Spandex linens will help keep tables from looking like they’re about to blow away.  As the printed linen trend continues to evolve, there are tons of beautiful spandex options available.  Spandex just not your thing?  Try a floor length heavy linen, such as burlap and canvas, and stray from polycotton and natural linens which tend to be lighter.  With plenty of color options, patterns and finishes, you can dress your party tables stylishly!

Nobody likes a party crasher – especially the bug kind.  Keep the bugs away without ruining your décor!  Use citronella candles or tiki torches to ward off unwanted pests.

As event pros – take our advice and order the tent for a daytime party (we love these!).  It will make a world of difference when it cools off your event by 10-15 degrees, money well spent for sun protection and happy guests.  If one large tent isn’t the right style for your party, consider beautiful patio umbrellas in bright colors with seating!

Are you open to a bit of industrial style at your party? Misting fans or port-a-cools around your event will make you and your guests much happier campers!

Looking to go to a party instead of hosting your own? Join us for Sangria Summer!