Tie The Knot With…

Tie The Knot With…

Stephanie & Brandon!

Ever ask yourself what would happen if a Hawaiian married a Colombian? We have your answer!!! A very good time had by all! This adorable couple wasn’t just marrying each other on their wedding day; they had to figure out how to marry each other’s cultures together too! The Kampong with its Malaysian influence in architecture and landscape is reminiscent of the plantations in Hawaii and was the perfect setting for their nuptials. A traditional Hawaiian ceremony was performed in honor of the groMeyerBlogCollage_1om’s family and was alive with the Spirit of AlohaCeremonial exchange of beautiful fresh flower leis between bride and groom as well as their parents was a highlight all the guests will remember.


One of our favorite wedding favors to date was their Origami Wedding CraneWe just adore its symbolism. The folding of origami cranes is a ritual that comes from Japanese culture. The bride must fold 1,000 cranes before her wedding day to bring luck, peace, and good fortune to her marriage. The groom folds crane number 1,001. Folding the cranes takes time and patience, qualities that are necessary for a healthy marriage, and cranes are animals that have the same mate for life, which are why they are used as symbol of marriage.


The Colombian influence of the evening took center stage during the reception with Latin inspired menu selections and one CRAZY HOUR! La Hora Loca is much like a Mardi Gras flash mob. While guests of the wedding are dancing and celebrating a loud siren sounds with a parade of musicians, dancers and clowns carrying masks and favors rush in. The dance party escalates with shots of Aguardiente for everyone. Baila!






For Brandon and Stephanie “All You Need is Love and Love is All You Need”.

Watch for yourself!

The Proposal!