When Mangos Are in Season…

When Mangos Are in Season…

Our Beauty Routines Get a Lift!

Yesterday we were greeted by 15 lbs. of fresh, ripe mangos… the kind only one could find at a local produce stand.

The stifling aroma, so delicate yet intoxicating, engulfed our Sales Office so swiftly, it didn’t take long for us to find multiple creative outlets for this magnificent fruit.

…Mango Salsa, Mango Mojitos, Mango Marmalade, Mango Bread, Mango Gazpacho, Mellow Mango Pops, just simply fresh Mango with Greek Yogurt, Caramelized Mango Buttercream mango2atop Gingerbread Cupcakes…

The ideas just kept coming, I guess that’s what happens when you throw a bunch of catering artists in a room together.

All day long we sat here in agony deciding what our evenings would bring about with this fruit, and finally as 5 o’clock rolled around, the mock produce stand that was once at my desk, slowly started to dissipate.

As I retreated home, I started thinking of a different use for these fruits. One that’s outside of the box, one that I thought would be nice to share… Mango Olive Oil Face Mask!


Mango Olive Oil Facial Mask



· 1 ripe Mango (Medium Sized)

· 3 Tablespoon Olive Oil

· 1 cup Rolled Oats


1.) Puree mango in a food processor, or blender.

2.) Slowly add olive oil, keep pureeing.

3.) Mix in oats, and blend well until you get a thick paste.

4.) Spread mask on your clean face and neck, and relax.

5.) Wash off completely after 20-25 minutes. Suitable for all skin types



The Mango is extremely rich in beta-carotene, which is a powerful anti-oxidant that increases cell turnover, and skin suppleness.  The Olive Oil helps beautify and rejuvenate skin as it helps to destroy free radicals. The Oats act as an exfoliate, that will cleanse and smooth your face.

It’s appetizing, natural skin care good enough to eat!

Please Note: Do not use this homemade mango face mask if you are at all allergic to any of the ingredients used in this facial recipe.