March Madness

March Madness

And the Winner Is…

Holy Wow, I cannot believe all the fabulous things that have happened to us during this March Madness Month.  It is our Team’s Great Honor to win more awards this month than ever in the history of our company.  How thrilling is that?

It feels wonderful to be recognized in such an overwhelming fashion and we humbly thank those who voted for us as well as our amazing clients whom we have fed and entertained throughout the years!

Here at AJW, we are constantly striving to be the best of the best, the caterer of first choice and the team that makes a difference in this big wide wonderful world of Catering, Design and Event Production.

March has been a hugely inspirational month for our Joy Wallace Team. We have been incredibly blessed and honored to have been recognized so many times for our hard work. We are truly thrilled to share the news of our success with you. Life is terrific!


Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Businesswoman Of The Year
A New Year

A New Year

Spins a Style-e Twist on an Old One…


While we ring in the NEW YEAR with hopes and anticipation of all new trends to come, this stylish firm wonders how and why it is that every fashion eventually makes its way back on the scene.

I love the 80’s! And apparently so does our client. We were commissioned to turn this warehouse style office space into an acid-wash flash back with nods to the decade’s most memorable landmarks, movements and revolutions. MTV, Club Limelight, CBGB’s, Hair band Rock-n Roll, My Little Pony, Smurfs and the Rubik’s Cube all found a home in the layout of our design.


CPB_Collage_3 CPB_Collage_1



Food colorings, additives and preservatives reached new heights in this decade. Fast food made for friendly fare to both our parents wallets as well as their busy go-go-go schedules. Chef Elgin created a menu that reflected all the comforts of home with tastes of today.

Only additive used in our menu was the Joy Wallace Charm. Favorite Stations of the night were Gourmet Hamburger Helper, Shake & Bake Chicken, Turkey Meatloaf Sliders, Savory Donut Fondue, Dim Sum, Popcorn Chicken and Shrimp, Cotton Candy, and the dessert rooms of all dessert rooms…everything PRETTY IN PINK! 




The night was SO MUCH, we wish we had broken our flux capacitor to prevent going Back to the Future!

The night ended with everyone doing The Humpty.  “Cut. It. OUT!”   Yeah….we’re not kidding.

P.S. My own personal legwarmers!  Don’t be jealous!