Annual Miami HEAT Charitable Foundation Gala | Private Residence

The A Joy Wallace team had the honor to design and cater the annual Miami HEAT Gala, presented this year by Hublot.  Hosted by Ray and Shannon Allen, the theme for this year’s event was TaHEATi Beach and even an unexpected cold front couldn’t stop us!  The event consisted of three design color phases throughout the night;  a casual and light color palette to begin the evening during cocktail hour.  The dinner party portion of this event was inspired by an evening Tahiti sunset with the colors, ivory, orange, silver and shades of red.  The final color phase used in the after party was inspired by an evening on a private cabana deck in Tahiti with colors including dark teal, greens, silver, ivory and aqua.  As guests walked the red carpet into cocktail hour, they were greeted with Dom Perignon champagne, Polynesian dancers and plenty of Hublot bling!   The final touch was the event after party, which took place on a custom built deck overlooking the water.  The night ended with an amazing fireworks show and special performance by Boys II Men.  Guests were able to enjoy the evening entertainment from the comfort of different seating arrangements.  To read more about this event, click here.