We’re rounding up our favorite frozen summer treats!

It’s officially summer in Miami the sun is out, and the pool parties are calling!  The heat and the humidity can be daunting – but there are so many ways to keep yourself cool this summer. Around the AJW office, our favorites come in frozen boozy desserts & cocktails.  So, keep reading to see our top three picks for poolside and BBQ frozen summer treats!


The Boozy Ice Cream Sandwich:

Firstly, let’s talk ice cream.  (Is it really even summer if you’re not eating ice cream?)  Beer Ice Cream is where it’s at, and our culinary team came up with an amazing way to make this summer staple on-the-go friendly.  Enter the Cigar City Ice Cream Sandwich – Cigar City Maduro (brown ale) that’s sandwiched between two delicious chocolate espresso cookies. Does it get much better than that?!

Frozen summer treats! Brown ale ice cream sandwiches with chocolate espresso cookies.


The Spiked Lemonade:

Now that we’ve satisfied your inner child with an ice cream sandwich, next up is a refreshing cocktail with a bonus. Our spiked lemonade with a blueberry, lime & mint popsicle hits the spot and is just as refreshing as it sounds. The frozen popsicle not only serves as a cocktail stirrer that but as an added zest in your drink!

Frozen summer treats! Spiked lemonade with blueberry & mint frozen popsicle.


The Cereal Monster:

Finally – we’re at one of the most colorful desserts in a glass, milkshakes!  Kids shouldn’t have all the fun honestly – these over loaded frozen treats can satisfy any adult sweet tooth. Your favorite childhood cereals have come together to bring you one delicious poolside treat.  Photographed here is a little something we call the “The Cereal Monster” – it’s a vanilla milkshake with Lucky Charm Marshmallows, Captain Crunch pieces, and topped with a homemade (re: extra marshmallow) Fruity Pebbles “Rice Krispies” Treat.

Frozen summer treats! Boozy cereal milkshake in chocolate dipped glasses.

PRO TIP: You can use the Fruity Pebble Rice Krispie Treat as a spoon. (You’re welcome in advance.)

What are your favorite frozen summer treats that keep you cool in the heat? Let us know in the comment section below!