About Joy Wallace


Our roots in Miami are strong.

How strong?  We’ve maintained our same location in South Miami since 1988, though our event reach has taken us to every corner of the tri-county area and beyond. We’ve had the pleasure of establishing ourselves with every major event venue in Miami, earning numerous preferred listings and referrals. And we’ve supported local Miami businesses every step of the way, turning vendor and supplier relationships into extended family. So if you deliver it, pick it up, build it or break it down, you’ve got a seat at our lunch table. Literally.

After leaving Miami’s prestigious Miami Club, Joy started a small catering company to treat South Florida with the kind of inviting hospitality she is loved for.  Her greatest strength is in hiring the right kinds of people, which has allowed the company to flourish in an ever changing industry.  In 2000 we added the Design Team, allowing us to expand our floral and décor event capability and broaden our business relationships.  In 2003, we were presented the opportunity to become in house foodservice and operate the beautiful Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Café & Gift Shop.  As we grew to five warehouses in South Miami, the company added its fourth division, Disaster Relief Catering, and is now one of few catering companies with full turnkey site capability in the state of Florida, helping those in need when disaster strikes.

Our passionate dedication to every detail, from edible works of art to awe-inspiring design, has achieved for us national recognition and event experience we are excited to share with you.

An A Joy Wallace catered event is a labor of love for us, and an artistic experience for our guests.