We Can’t Pick One Either!

Planning a wedding should be a fun way to express your identity as a couple.  As one of the most personal experiences you can share with family and friends, a huge part of the wedding process is…(drumroll)….color selection!

While it might strike you as an odd importance next to the wedding dress, or say, groom choice, it’s tough to plan a wedding with zero color inspiration.  Think about it, from invitations and flowers, to endless yards of table fabric and the unavoidable bridesmaid dress debate, it all lies in the fate of the right shade, tint or tone.

ColoroftheYear Pantone is a great way to help make your event a visibly continuous experience. Their 2010 Color of the Year is 15-5519 Turquoise, with colors like Purple Orchid, and Woodbine as runner’s up. For many brides the  decision is easy, for others overwhelming. Enter Dessy!  A match made in hue heaven, it’s known for adorable bridesmaid dresses (note: debate solved!), evening gowns and more, including a color inspiration section we nicknamed the Pantone Playground!  Experiment with a variety of colors and styles, then print it up to take on your next vendor visit.  Now you’re two steps ahead!

Still feeling lost?  Before you throw away your crayons, stop and visualize how all the colors of your wedding will come together and make you feel:

  • Where is your ceremony located? 
  • Will the weather season weight in on your design idea? 
  • Does the carpet at the reception hall make a case for a color intervention?
  • Is there a color that is special to you and your Prince Charming?

Jot down your thoughts, and trust one or two close friends for advice.  Too many opinions can result in disaster, so be sure the choice ultimately reflects who YOU are, and have some FUN!