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Funny how the holiday season sneaks up on us. Before we can even get through Halloween, the stores are already putting out Christmas.  We believe there is a very good reason for this. Time flies when you are having fun and for us this is our favorite time of year!!

We understand if you were the one to draw the short straw for planning this year’s holiday office party, you may not be having as much fun as us. To raise your good times, we would like to assist you with staying ahead of the event planning game while staying within your budget. Our sales and culinary team designed several delicious and festive Holiday Menus for the season. Joy has even collaborated with Santa to offer a free TREAT if you book your event by October 31st.




Now since your Christmas nightmares have been addressed, let’s talk about Halloween!

This week we sent out Trick or Treats to our clients in the shape of a pumpkin patch.  The trick was our treat bags were stuffed with Christmas Candies. This idea has been so well received, we thought we would treat you to a little DIY project for your Halloween parties. EnJOY the praises from your guests as well as the sugar rush.






Pumpkin GOODIE Bags

What you’ll need…

Making the magic…

1. Fill orange craft bag with candy. We used both a regular lunch bag size as well as a mini bag for variety.

2. Cinch and twist top of bag together to form stem; you’ll need to cut off 1/2 inch or more to gain your desired length.

3. Tear off a 12” piece of floral tape.

4. Wrap floral tape around stem. Start at the top and move downward.

5. Tear a second 6” piece of floral tape and tie the center around the base of your stem.

6. Stretch the tendrils and then twist each end to form a string.

7. Wrap these pieces around a pen until they curl and Voilà!

Pop in a Halloween classic to complete the party.  Enjoy!