Carrie & Jeff!

Keeping a secret is not always the easiest thing to do, particularly when it is good news!  This Sunday the cat was FINALLY let out of the bag during prime time on weTV. Whew! Thank goodness, I was about to burst!   

Last October we were honored to participate in an episode of Platinum Weddings filmed at the beautiful Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. In support of the vision of our friend and wedding planner Lourdes Milian of The Favor Boutique, we helped produce a very special evening for Carrie, Jeff and weTV.



Working with Lourdes is always special but being three weeks from her due date made for great television. Luckily there were no unexpected surprises that evening and today Mommy and Baby are just fine and ready for their next close up!

DSC_5526  FilmCrew_02

By the time the week was over, it was safe to say we all fell in love with the film crew but Joy was so enamored, I believe she was interested in adopting them. She is such a softie for a great team! Watching them work so diligently with smiles on their faces reminded us of well,…us!

A note from Joy to our team after the debut:

Congratulations to Our Whole Team!!!!! The Show Was INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you to each and every one of you, because it takes each one of us to make our company so successful at doing what we love to do together.

We are proud of you all, 

-Joy and Dick


If you missed the show on Sunday, it will air again Friday April 30th at 8:30pm and Saturday May 2nd at 2pm. Until then, please enjoy this teaser of our Creative Director Richard Randall’s first five minutes of fame!