We don’t need no stinking flowers—How to Re-Think, Re-Purpose and Re-Profit your Décor Budget”

This month we had the opportunity to host a seminar at The Special Event in Tampa, Florida. Our Creative Director Richard Randall, Kristina Raines and myself traveled with Joy and an entourage from our production team to take on TSE 2012! As we looked over the past year and what is forecasted for 2012/2013 we tried to think of something that we could offer to our peers & clients that would be both engaging and new.

Within our production department, floral design is one of the largest areas of production that we have on a daily basis. Most events include a floral element but we have found that the addition of physical décor such as interior finishes, unique tables & chairs, walls etc. can set your event apart and be a more stylish approach to event design.

If you were able to attend our seminar, and we hope you did, we began with a stage set with rustic 12’ wooden walls. We presented several themes that encompassed the use of custom designed props and unique vessels, lounge accents and textiles. As the seminar progressed, our stage walls morphed into several different designs thanks to the creative minds of our production team! Below are a few tips that we wanted to pass on from our seminar:

· Re-Think: Look at the overall budget of your client instead of a per table centerpiece cost in order to maximize the scope of resources available. If you work with a designer/production team (such as ourselves!) and find your budgets are tight we recommend using existing inventory, which may be able to maximize your client’s budget by avoiding purchasing of new resources.

· Re-Purpose: Within our inventory, we have a number of rigid wall options that can be used in a variety of different ways to create a focal point in a room. By changing the finishes, cutting out windows and adding lighting options you provide a single décor element that can be used in a number of different ways.

· Re-Profit: Just because you own it in house does not mean you can give it away. It is a less expensive option for your clients but it does involve maintenance, cleaning and repair. Focus on charging your clients for the materials and costs that will be needed to customize your inventory for their use.

As a part of the presenting trio, I found myself just as amazed as those in our audience when our final reveal took place. The 12’ screen and rustic wall that had displayed a custom video backdrop were moved away to reveal a stunning rustic wedding structure complete with abundant candlelight, chandelier accents and our beautiful bride holding a spectacular non-floral bouquet!

We hope you enjoyed our seminar!

Thank you to our partners who provided us with the tools to make this happen! Chic Parisien, Uplyte, Nuage Designs, and of course our fabulous A Joy Wallace Production and Design Team!