Blackberry Addicts Anonymous….


And yet now, not so anonymous.  Hi, our name is A Joy Wallace Catering Production….and we’re addicted to our Blackberries.  We can’t live without the svelte design, our Grease Lightning speed email, 24/7 contact syncing, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing every problem coming our way…has an App solution! 🙂

But most of all, we love our Blackberry Messenger, the inner circle smart phone instant messaging fever sweeping the nation.  And it came in quite handy while talking to Cary (Operations Coordinator) at the CaterSource Conference last month:


Elgin 8:08pm: Viva La Vegas!


Cary 9:07AM: How’s the city? Are you even awake?  Still have money in your pocket?

Elgin 11:03AM: Jetlagged, excited, conference time, Joy’s DIVAS Seminar. And the pockets are still full!


Cary 11:09PM: Ooooh, long day! Took a gamble with Carnival on the Mile with BBQ, we did amazing, GREAT FOOD!


Elgin 12:03PM: Reconnecting with old friends, met some new caterers, sickest thing ever, I watched an hors d’ oeuvre FLOAT, David Blaine style!


Elgin 2:10PM: Yep!  More importantly, wardrobe dilemma! Joy just told me I can’t wear my chef coat with heels to the CATIE Awards, LOL!

Cary 7:00PM: In what world did you think that would fly?!?!?

Elgin 7:30PM: Whatev, thought it was worth a shot. Went with the gold dress, you’ve seen it.

Cary 8:00PM: Thank goodness, have fun and good luck!

Elgin 11:45PM: WE WON TWO AWARDS!!! WHOOO HOOOO! MARKETING ROCKS!  Party time!IMG00075-20100308-2044


Cary 8:58AM: Sales Meeting time, SO not awake. :-/  But lots to discuss so it’ll move fast.  We miss ya’ll!

Elgin 9:30AM: Ha! Why so tired, trying to outdo our Vegas trip? LOL! Take notes!

Cary 10:00AM: Hush! I’m taking notes, cause we booked ALOT of parties this week. Don’t stress, I’ve got you….for a fee!

Elgin 9:30PM: At Anthology, Cade Nagy and Domenic Chiaromonte’s party. Crazy ideas, 1800 people, and butter in a chapstick tube.  I’d save you one….but it might be gross by tomorrow.  Party time again!


Cary 9:50PM: Butter chapstick? Uh, I’ll pass. :-/  Glad you’re having fun!


Cary 10:03AM: Week picking up, Cook It Up For Kids this Saturday, must be an awards weekend, Joy’s getting recognized at the event.

Elgin 2:13PM: Very cool.  At the Trade Show, picked up some cool platters and products you’d like!

Cary 2:14PM: Aw, you shopped with me in mind? How sweet!

Elgin 8:00PM: Of course! Just had dinner at Twist, great treat from Joy!

Cary 10:00PM: Awesome, have a safe flight back!!!  NO REDEYE EXCUSE TOMORROW, we gotta hit the ground running!