They’ve Found Us!

Where are my manners?  AJW, meet Thrillist.  Thrillist, meet AJW.  Now that we’re all acquainted, time to get familiar with our newest love and “Joy” (shameless pun intended).  It’s the perfect hand: You, Mama Joy’s Smoked Ribs & Chicken, delicious Sides & Dickey Doo’s Kettle Corn.  Talk about a Full House!

Seems that mega trendy e-newsletter, Thrillist, caught a whiff of our delicious smoker at Gardner’s Market, and now can’t seem to get enough of our ribs!  Below is a small excerpt from their email blast that went out this week:


Food_ChicknWings_2 ”Big stuff gets scaled down for all sorts of reasons: bonsai trees are great for people with little space and limited exposure to light, and model trains are great for people with limited exposure to friends/light. Scaling their operation down to bring you killer BBQ, A Joy Wallace.
The offshoot of a high-end catering company that’s spent 22 years whipping up fancy food for big shindigs, JW’s new backyard-friendly BBQ service’ll drop off hot smoked ‘n’ grilled meals bolstered by heaps of traditional
sides for groups of at least 10 peeps, or .8 Rex Ryans. Meats’re never pre-boiled, but rather slow-smoked for seven hours in JW’s custom-built smokers (they tested their spice mix and smoking times on their presumably plump staff for months), with core items including Mama Joy’s Ribs (Memphis-style spares just dry-rubbed, so you can dip ’em in sauce as you please), whole chickens/wings done the same way, and their special pulled pork made from 14-hour smoked pork butt, which is actually from the shoulder, but relatively fatty, so Sir Mix-a-Lot is still cool with it”… (cont.)

You can read the rest of the article online here.  Still want more?  Check out the promo video for our BBQ Catering Division:

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