Did anyone else lose their voice on Sunday?




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Super Bowl XLIV has come and gone, and oh what a time we Miami-ans had.  To each of you who made it down here for the festivities, we hope you had a fantastic experience and that you return soon. Special thanks to the weathermen for providing us three days of perfect 75 degree, slight breeze weather!  We knew you could do it! (How’d those New Yorkers get on your bad side by the way???)

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The AJW Team was honored to have been a part of  Pigskin Party Week 2010, better known as Pro Bowl and Super Bowl.  From Havana Nights to Beach Ball  Mornings, with all the food, fans and celebrities you can imagine, there was never a dull moment on South Beach.  For those of you looking for some post party weight loss, that whole “running on the sand” workout really does do wonders.  After our day catering for the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl, we’re pretty sure everyone left about ten pounds lighter.

The team had a great time providing catering and décor at multiple locations over the weekend, including the InterContinental, Mansion Nightclub, SunLife (another name change?) Stadium and more!  Whether you were rooting for the Saints or the Colts (our house was divided), we hope you enjoyed the company of family and friends, and that you had great food on the table.  Congrats to the Saints on their first ever Super Bowl win!  Best of luck to the Texas party planners and caterers, the next one is coming your way!