Seven Decades Dancing!

We had a very special event at our commissary about 3 weeks ago, as we celebrated the 70th birthday of Mr. Richard Wallace.  It was quite the party, complete with a special guest appearance by Marilyn Monroe.  She sang a revamped version of “Happy Birthday Mr. President” for our guest of honor!  Below are a few photos from the festivities:






As Mr. Wallace said after opening his gifts, “I’ve got cigars, a bottle of Lagavulin and Marilyn.  What else could I possibly need?!?!” 🙂 From the AJW team, Happy Birthday Mr. Wallace!!! Here’s to seven decades of dancing, we wish you many more!

The Twelve Days Of Christmas – Remix!

On the seventh day of Christmas, 2009 gave to me,
Seven Decades Dancing,
Six Bottles Pouring,
Five Top Weddings,
Four CATIE Nods,
Three Spotlights,
Two Boys to Love,
And a New Blog Written with Glee!