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Except hold the red cape and theme song… You need a five minute break from your daily duties, but can’t leave your computer? No problem! We’re rescuing you with even more content for your party reading pleasure, providing you your much needed escape. Read below to meet your writers!

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Joy Wallace| President & CEO

(The lady in fire engine red, bottom left)

Mother, business woman, friend and hot redhead.  Talk about a complete package!  When Joy Wallace started the company over 20 years ago, she could only imagine the places it would take her.  Countless events, awards, conferences and accolades later, she is an inspiration to each person she encounters, and the source of wisdom in our close knit work environment when things get hectic.  Each week, she will be sharing a new “Joy-ism” wisdom, to add a little sunshine to your day.

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Sabdy Pacheco| Sales & Social Networking

(A chuckle away from falling out of her chair, bottom middle)

Sabdy Pacheco blew in from Gator Country in 2008, and added a surprising dose of “wisecrackin’ nerd” to the mix.  A lover of all things food, decor, fashion & technology, the self professed Blackberry addict loves sharing information.  She’ll be bringing you innovative event concepts, oddly delicious menu ideas, nifty fashion fixes for helping smooth out that wardrobe malfunction and tips on helping your party stand out from the rest.  Look out for her Twitter & Facebook Fan Page updates as well!

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Kristina Raines | Creative Media/Marketing

(Ms. “Buckets of Laughter”, bottom right)

Miami Native Kristina Raines was sent home in the fifth grade with a report card that read, “Excellent student, if we could simply tame the Social Butterfly within her.”  Years later, that teacher’s gripes have been our benefit! Sabdy’s original blog partner in crime, Kristina calls upon her talents as a designer, communicator, organizer and general party enthusiast, to breathe new life into the brand that is A Joy Wallace Production.  She’ll be keeping you update to date with hot AJW press and news!

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Jessica Zeidler | Wedding/Social Sales

(The long haired flower child, top left)

Jessica Zeidler is the newest addition to the AJW Team, and this little Gator has a great eye for food and an imaginative palette.  With a knack for menu creation, she’s a good resource when you need to add some cool factor to your next party!  This avid runner and NASA enthusiast loves to travel and socialize, something that is seen through her event planning. She’ll bring a touch of industry flair to A Taste of Joy, sharing new wedding ideas and fiesta finds from her travels and networking adventures.

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Andrew Smith | Operations

(Mr. “In the Know”, top middle)

Andrew Smith, our favorite jokester and Director of Operations, has been in the industry for over 15 years!  With experience both in the kitchen and front of the house, he has a thorough knowledge of the food industry.  His brain is “logistically wired” so mapping out event needs is a snap!  He’s always got his ear to the ground on the newest event products, so he’ll be bringing you new food display ideas, party items and ways to keep your events eco-friendly!

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Elgin Woodman | Executive Chef

(The cool girl with the hot pink headband, top right)

Peruvian born, Executive Chef Elgin Woodman has been infusing Latin heritage into AJW culinary creations through bold, daring and expressive flavors for over 12 years.  Our guests have savored the kaleidoscope that is Miami through each of her unique dishes.  With so much experience to share, Elgin will be welcoming you into her kitchen with fun recipes to try, live video and sneak peeks into the AJW culinary world.

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