Going Green

Environmental Responsibility

At AJWCPI, we understand the need to take care of our planet. Throughout the years we have incorporated many green initiatives and continuously strive to educate ourselves to find more ways to promote green practices. With a focus on sustainable events, our commissary, situated near a number of local farms and markets, provides us with the freshest produce for our parties.

Certifying Entities:

  • Green Restaurant Association (GRA)
  • Green Business Bureau (GBB)
  • State Department of Agriculture Green Certification

A Joy Wallace Green Initiatives

  • Recycling of paper, cardboard, aluminum & plastic
  • Use of Local & Sustainable produce/meats
  • No STYROFOAM Policy
  • Green Disposables used at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Café
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies used at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Café
  • Low water, front loading laundry washing system
  • Used fryer oil recycling program to re-claim used cooking oil
  • On demand hot water heaters for both kitchen and sales warehouse
  • Turning off monitors and lights when not in use
  • Consolidation of refrigerator space and actually powering down empty refrigerators during down periods
  • Powering down ice makers in down periods
  • Continued maintenance on our HVAC systems to keep them running at peak efficiency
  • Slim down on office supply usage by installing better controls
  • Making a way to a paper-free office system by using electronic forms