Be Summertime Ready with this Elegant Delight!

With the summer quickly approaching (unless you’re in Miami, then it’s here!), many of my “Foodie Friends” have been thinking of great recipes to throw in to their dinner party menus to wow their guests.  I won’t say this one is simple, but it is definitely tasty, and that makes it worth it, right?  So grab your shopping bag and raid your pantry, we’re making Tuna Nicoise:

“Tuna Nicoise”

Serves –16 Very Happy Foodies


1 lb Fresh Tuna

2 tbs Mustard Seeds

½ tsp Dijon Mustard

2 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to Taste

2 lb Yukon Gold Potato

Juice of one Lime Juice

1 tbs Aji Amarillo

3 tbs Mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper to Taste

80 French Green Beans

16 Quail Eggs

16 Grape Tomatoes

32 Nicoise Olives

1/2 cup Mayonnaise

1/4 cup Pitted Nicoise olives

Micro Greens and Lemon zest for garnish

Chive Oil to Drizzle



Marinate the Tuna in the Olive oil, Mustard seeds, and Mustard for ½ hour. Season with Salt and Pepper. Sear on a hot pan, turning it to get a nice even sear along all the edges. Extreme caution must be taken to not overcook it. When seared, cool.

Boil the potatoes, skin on, until tender. Peel the potato. Dice half of the potatoes and pass the other half through the ricer. Toss with mayonnaise, lime juice, Aji Amarillo and season with salt and pepper. These last ingredients can be modified depending on your taste. You can make it tangier or less tangy by increasing or eliminating the lime juice. You can also adjust the spiciness level with the Aji Amarillo. Using a ring mold place the potato in the mold and chill.

Blanch the green beans. Cook and peel the egg.


Push the potato out of the mold and place it on the plate. Top it with the green beans. Slice the tuna and place it on top. Toss the micro greens with lemon zest. Paint the plate with olive mayo and herb oil. Finish the plate with the quail eggs, nicoise olives, and grape tomatoes. Pair with your favorite summer white wine and enjoy!