Class is in Session: Meat 101 at CaterArts Conference 2010!

Held annually by the International Caterers Association, CaterArts is composed of classes with the catering chef in mind. Hosted in Louisville, Kentucky and sponsored by Sullivan University, I have been fortunate enough to participate and teach for the past 2 years. It is not only a great learning experience, but when catering chefs get together, it can’t help but turn into a party! My topic this year is meats, rediscovering cuts of beef, unique flavors and supporting side dishes. This Red Thai Curry Short Rib is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next fete.  Hope to see you in class!


4 Lbs Boneless Short Rib

3 Ea Kaffir Lime Leaves

1 Ea Cinnamon Stick

1 Cup Mirin

Chicken Stock to Cover

4 Thai Chilis

½ cup Red Onion

6 Ea Garlic Cloves

4 Tbs Chopped Lemongrass

1 Thumb of Galangal

6 Tbs Fish Sauce

4 Tsp Shrimp Paste

4 Tbs Ketchup

1 Tsp Cayenne

1 Tbs Coriander

1 Tbs Cumin

2 Tbs Chili Powder

2 Tbs Brown Sugar

5 Tbsp Lime Juice

1 Can Coconut Milk


Method:Elgin_by Roy Llera

Season and sear Short Ribs. Deglaze with mirin, add kaffir leaves, cinnamon and cover with stock. Allow to cook until tender. While the beef is raising make the curry sauce. Puree all the ingredients in a blender.

Cook the sauce in a sauce pot for 10 minutes to incorporate the flavors. Once the beef is tender transfer the meat into the curry sauce and simmer for a few more minutes. This is a recipe that can be altered depending on your taste, by making it saltier, sweeter or spicier.  For a cleaner presentation remove the beef from the curry sauce, strain it and pour on top of the beef.

For a more authentic look, serve it as is. I normally cut the beef in ½ and tie with them together with a leek strand. You can also use a bone-in short rib. Recommend serving with coconut rice and a sweet and tangy pickled fruit slaw.