Oh well…it’s the thought that counts!

Anyone else receive flowers in a box yesterday?  How about a roadside Teddy Bear?  An environmentally unfriendly Mylar Balloon Bouquet show up at your door?  Perhaps a tummy-ache inducing, stick to your hips gift of chocolate covered cherries in a faux lace doily heart box?  (Who eats those anyway? Try an Upgrade!)


In an office filled with women, our Monday morning water cooler stories were packed with Valentine’s Day Hits and Misses.  While some of our beaus got it right with personalized mixed tapes, seaside picnics and the most extravagant tale of a helicopter ride, the most common line spoke this morning was “It’s the thought that counts.” Got me thinking about the amount of thought that goes into one of the five love languages of gift giving.


Labeled by jaded love cynics with the disparaging term “Hallmark Holiday,” Valentine’s Day puts the pressure on to go above and beyond for our loved ones.  It may be a cliché girlie thing to say, but if every day were treated like Valentine’s Day we might eliminate some of the hype as well as some of the disappointments.


Then again, perhaps the blame of the big V-day gone wrong shouldn’t fall on the gift-giver but on the gift-give-me. It is important to communicate our thoughts about gift giving to those we love, otherwise how would they know?  We can be direct “Honey, I want flowers that AREN’T delivered by FedEx and make sure you send them to my office…please.”  Or indirect… leaving a Jared Jewelers mailer with Love’s Embrace circled right on top of the sport’s page or every time the commercial comes on let out an “Awwwww that’s so sweet” then squeeze his knee.  (Hey sometime’s you gotta put in a little work!)


Or practice the golden rule and lead by example… if it really is the thought that counts to you, then put some thought into his gift!  This was for My Valentine and it made him smile.  Isn’t that really what it is all about anyway?






What it took…


30 minutes of my time

A Camera

A Friend to Photograph

My Smile

Some Signage

A Printer

A Cute Outfit


and a Free Photo Editing Program





Give it a shot for your next LOVE occasion.  In fact, pull your sweetie into the picture with you! This idea would be a perfect Save the Date after he gives you the ultimate gift of a ring full of promise.

Ladies, this dance also doubles as a wedding dress workout.  Just putting it out there!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!