Was A JOY!

The United Way of Miami welcomed over 900 foodies to the annual Cook it Up for Kids festival at The Falls, Sunday, March 14, 2010. The event raised $60,000 in support of the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education. A report card definitely worthy of a few gold stars and happy faces!

Cook It Up_Certificate_2010021

A ticket for the evening gained guests access to tasty bites from over 25 local chefs and restaurants in just one walk of the mall. Not exactly the calorie burning intention of the average Mall Walker but surely the waistline forgives in the name of good deeds for children.

A Joy Wallace’s contribution was made with the hearts of a child. Our design team, in collaboration with Chef Elgin, invited kids and adults alike to have a taste of the imaginative world of Willy Wonka. Serving our BBQ Company’s trademarked sweet treat, they created Dickey Doo’s Kettle Corn Factory complete with faux fire, popping corn and conveyer belt. And…testing the tongue to a frozen pole theory, our Popsicle Lab offered icy versions of Pomegranate, Lemon and Chocolate Popsicles delivered straight from the beaker in a Wonka test tube.

Cook It Up For Kids

“Come with me… And you’ll be… In a world of Pure imagination. Take a look… And you’ll see… Into your imagination…” Willy Wonka

DSC_3636One of the nights biggest highlights for us, celebrated our very own Joy for her distinction in local do-gooding. She was presented with the 2010 Chefs Cook it Up for Kids Excellence Award for her dedication and service to the South Florida Community. We couldn’t be prouder of our favorite red-head and neither can the local press!  She leads by example and her joy in giving serves as a lesson to us all. Congrats Joy!

Pictured (l-r) Harve Mogul, United Way; Penny Shaffer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida; Joy Wallace; Julie Goldman, The Falls; Laurie Jennings and Trent Aric, WPLG.