As If We Need a Reason to Party!


This past Monday we celebrated a very important holiday.  No, not Columbus day, (that’s for kids and ahem, bankers), but Joy’s birthday!  The AJW family never seems to be short on reasons to throw a celebration, and we felt the need to go all out to celebrate our favorite red head.

Many cannot believe that Joy is ALWAYS working!  Our COO, Adelee Cabrera, asked the sales team to decorate Joy’s desk to the point of her being unable to work on her special day.  Of course the complete opposite happened, Joy LOVED her “cave” of ribbon, balloons and streamers.  We also surprised Joy with a guest appearance by our favorite Gator, Tim Tebow!  He has quite the affect on the ladies in the office*.

DSC_8890 The celebration continued at lunch, where Joy was serenaded by one of our sales team members, Neil Borden, who has a background in performing arts.  He sang a beautiful rendition of You Belong to Me, followed by a huge birthday card full of photos and messages.  Letters written by those unable to attend the party were read aloud.

Living in Miami, a Happy Birthday jingle would not be complete without a bit of Latin flare!  Unlike Neil, we have zero singing experience outside of a shower, but the kitchen acoustics had us sounding better than Mariah! 🙂  DSC_9033Maracas, masks, feathers and hats completed the Birthday Conga Line.  Before cutting the cake, the celebration ended with a fantastic photo montage, which naturally brought a tear to everyone’s eye.  We have A LOT of history here!  One of the beautiful things about the AJW team is the sense of family felt here, and as one of the slightly newer faces here, I really felt it!  It’s something which sets us apart from so many other companies, and is felt in every aspect of our service and food.  For that, thank you Joy, and we wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

DSC_8777 DSC_9165




*When I say Tim Tebow has an affect on us sales team ladies, I’m not kidding!  This seat/poster was a hot spot all day! 

Here’s hoping he gets the hint, LOL!  GO GATORS!!!