Our Favorite Ideas from the Year!

As we take a moment to look back over the year, we felt the need to reflect on the more important things in life…..the art of celebration!  We take pride in creating special moments and unforgettable memories for our clients.  In between the hours when the world moves at two speeds, fast and faster, we love giving people a reason to come together and celebrate life!  Here are a list of trends, tips and lessons we picked up over the past year.  We hope you’re able to incorporate them into your own events!  


Adelee Cabrera, Director of Sales/COO

The most impactful thing that stuck in my mind from this year was a video I was sent regarding Socialnomics. Really changed the way I look at social media and marketing! SpotMe, is great! Love new technology that benefits our industry! And as a new iPad owner, check out The Photo Cookbook App!



Addy Plasencia, Design Team Salesclip_image001[6]

Loved this great birthday party concept I came across this year. In a small tent, guests are invited to take a seat (in a luxurious chair of course!) in front of a mirror and send out your birthday wishes to the birthday girl. Your words will be captured, translated into script and projected throughout the party on various video screens. So cool!



Priscilla Bittson, Catering Sales | Corporate & DMC

We really loved having the opportunity (and budget!) to do themed food and entertainment, specifically the Cirque concept!


Passion Fruit Mojito

Rose’s Passion Fruit Mojito Twist & Malibu Rum

Topped with a splash of Club Soda

Garnished with a Sprig of Mint

Served Over Ice in a Rocks Glass

Popcorn Station

Buttery Pop Corn

Crowned with your guests choice of…

Curry Chicken Bites

Blackened Popcorn Shrimp

Tempura Vegetables

Served in a Branded Popcorn Box

Jessica Zeidler, Catering Sales | Social & Wedding

An elegant sustainable dinner.  I can’t help it, I love being “green” and jumped at the opportunity to use local and seasonal produce for an equally “Green” client. Check out a few of the menu items!

Pommes Anna & Asparagus

Layered Creamy Pommes Anna

Shaved Organic Asparagus

Topped with:

A Poached Farm Raised Quail Egg

And Pancetta Crisp

All Natural Organic Lamb Shank

Rioja Braised Lamb

Served with Creamy Farrotto & Wild Mushrooms

Finished with a Farmers Cheese

And Warm Seasonal Organic VegetablesLamb Shank.jpg

Sabdy Pacheco, Catering Sales | Corporate & Social

Aside from red wine, I only need two things in my life, donuts & pop tarts.  Prior to 2010, I’d only eat the sweet variety, but now? Savory changed my life!  🙂  I loved selling the savory donut & pop tart stations this year.  Imagine a parmesan infused fried dough, topped with spinach dust and dunked in spicy Arrabiata sauce. Oh yeah!  Or a shepherd’s pie in flaky pastry dough finished with a parsnip mash “frosting”?!

(You may want to wipe your face…you’re drooling on the screen!)

US Law_Moore Bldg_041610_0203

From our family to yours, Happy New Year and Welcome 2011!!!!